Marriage Equality and Equal Rights

Marriage equality is personal for many American families, including my own. At the age of 15, I gave my first gay rights speech. And in 1978, my brother had the courage to come out when equality was still a distant dream. A few years ago, I was thrilled that my brother and his long-time partner were able to publicly commit themselves in marriage—something they had been denied the right to do for many years.

One of my proudest moments in the Connecticut legislature was my vote for full marriage equality for all couples. While the Supreme Court striking down DOMA was a significant step forward for true equality, there’s still much more we need to do. I’m a co-author of the SAME Act to ensure that all married couples—no matter where they live—get the Social Security benefits they deserve.

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  • "Greenberg’s flip-flop seems better characterized as one of political opportunism."
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