Job creation and economic growth

We must start by fighting to keep the jobs we already have. Read more »

Women's rights

I have already earned the support of both EMILY’s List and The Women’s Campaign Forum. Read more »

Protecting seniors

I believe how we treat our parents and grandparents reflects on our values as a country. Read more »

Clean and affordable energy

America’s continued dependence on Middle Eastern oil has cost us dearly, in dollars and in lives. Read more »

Fiscal responsibility and protecting taxpayers

Make government more efficient and smarter. Read more »

Affordable, quality health care

Too many families in Connecticut struggle to get affordable, quality health care. Read more »

Clean environment

We must craft national policies that are good for both the environment and our economy. Read more »

Quality education

As the mother of two children who have graduated from public schools in Connecticut, and another who is in high school, I know that our schools and teachers need our full support. Read more »

Foreign policy and national security

Our number one national security priority must be to disrupt, dismantle, and defeat terrorism at home and abroad. Read more »


My father served in the Navy and we were raised to value and support the service of our military forces. Read more »

Marriage equality and equal rights

I was proud to vote in the Connecticut legislature for full marriage equality and benefits for gay couples and have been a strong advocate of gay rights since before my brother came out in 1979. Read more »

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